Time Building

How did those twins get in here? Nope you cant rent them.

Time Building
Fly our two seat aircraft for as little as $49  dry
Four seat aircraft starting at $65  dry


You need time to proceed to the next rating or certificate. You just want to meet the airlines hour requirement. Maybe you need night time or cross country time so you can start your training class. Rent one of our time building aircraft.  These planes are reasonable to rent because they are not used for flight instruction. Since you buy the fuel you can decide power settings you want to use.  You can even share the plane with another qualified pilot and both of you log the time in accordance with the FAR's. Gain valuable experience flying simulated instruments.

Minimum insurance requirements are 60 hours total time, Private Pilot Certificate with 5 hours in type of plane you are renting. And of course a checkout. You will need renters insurance with $20,000 liability and hull insurance of $25,000 if you are renting the two seaters. Your renters insurance covers you up to your limits in anything you fly. We recommend Avemco for your renters insurance.

Your goals are important. Other pilots goals are important to them also. So we need you to fly your time building hours as expeditiously as possible. You will have 30 days to complete your 50 hours of time that you purchased. Please let us know as quickly as possible if that becomes a problem as we have other pilots wanting to use the planes.

International pilots are more than welcome to rent these planes for time building. If you have an FAA Private Pilot certificate you are legal to rent these planes and fly. No Visa required and since you already have an FAA PPL no additional TSA is required. Just have fun and be safe.

Nope this isn't one of the rentals, Sorry. Just wishful thinking.

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